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How to Live a Happy Life


How to Live a Happy Life


Today we will discuss “how to live a happy life”.

Nowadays every person thinks that if it will get huge of money it will be happy but I say is totally wrong because the happiness is not a name of money it is the name of the gladness of your heat and you cannot glad your heat by making a hill of treasure.  Happiness is the name of Soul gladness. And every person knows our soul is connected with the world where from it has come to my means to say from Allah. It is our belief that our creator is Allah even a person belonging to any religion but it knows that thing.

·      Respect your parents by heart (in the parents are also included your Teachers, Grand Parents).
·      Respect of your elders.
·      Love your Youngers.
·      Sacrifice yourself for everyone (serve to people as possible).
·      Make easy for others, Allah will make easiest for you.

 Rana Mohammed Ihsan Javed

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