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What is the value of humanity



Today we will discuss what the “humanity” is……???
As my word is shown humanity is expected to the human sense, not to another creation(animal etc.). In this way, humanity is attached to the human behavior so we will explore are we agree on this point or not.


·      Suppose you are going on the road and you got a thirsty dog, if you will fulfill his thrust you can’t believe your soul how much will be glad because the connection of our souls is with another world, not this I quote an example when you in dream visit an unknown place do you think how it is no... but I say this is our soul which walk at any place at the time of sleep so   prepare your souls for gladness.
·      You find a hunger pet you can fulfill his hunger.
·      Any injury human, you can leave it to the hospital.
Humanity, not checks that you are rich or poor it closes the souls to nature. So as possible serve the creation because you also expect from others like this. And this is the law “as you sow so shall you reap”.

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