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welcome back everyone today I'm revisiting a very popular and very recent story that I did I only made the first one like two weeks ago but it's been so popular among you guys that I got right back into the topic again creepy toys it's not the first time I've talked about them on this channel and it won't be the last in fact until toy stopped moving by themselves or making creepy noises for no reason there will always be scary stories like these to tell thanks again to run it for all of these my name is Danny Burke and this is the top ten scary toy stories part two don't go at number ten now we have the nightmare this one came from reedit user MD 39 she said my mother had a collection of dolls when she was a child but had a very abusive stepfather who burned all but one I have the one that she salvaged I called her Amy and I've always felt positive vibes from her I guess my grandmother and aunts notice how proudly I displayed Amy and started buying me expensive dolls from my own collection one doll in particular gave me a very strange feeling of being watched I had named her Catherine she was taller than the other dolls and I always swore that she had moved slightly every so often never enough to cause alarm but enough to where I would realize something was off she was on the end of my display being the tallest and Amy was at the other end since she did not have a doll stand and had to sit one night I had a nightmare about Catherine trying to kill Amy when I came home from school that afternoon Catherine was turned facing Amy's direction and Amy was slumped over instead of sitting up needless to say and he was moved off the display and took up a new residence with my American Girl doll the only doll actually played with Amy was a permanent fixture on the chassis lounge my neighbors had given me for the AG doll after that the weird feeling Catherine gave me went away next without another 9 now we have purple smoke I love this one it sounds like it's straight out of a horror book of short stories it came from reedit user NSA sees you and they said when I was a kid I used to live with my grandparents I have an uncle and an aunt who is just four to five years older than me and we would be home alone after school one time my grandparents were out a little longer we were watching TV in the living room and out of nowhere we had a little kid talking in one of the guest rooms back then one of the rooms was never used so we used to play in there the only toy that was in the guest room was my aunt's doll and I can remember the voice clearly asking us to go in there to play with it my grandpa burned the doll that night at the beach it was weird how the smoke was purple when he burned it coming out number eight now we have the Transformers this one came from a reedit user who has since deleted their account which I always find a little bit suspicious but let's jump in any way they said McDonald's used to do a toy with their happy meals which was a transformer type thing it glowed and made noises when you pushed a button well somehow turning on my light would trigger this and it would make all this racket which wasn't really a big deal because it was pretty quiet and not that obnoxious until the battery started dying a few Moors later I turn on the light in my room and all of a sudden I hear I have never run so fast out of my room I refuse to go in there for days because I was convinced something in there wanted to kill me I totally forgotten about the toy so eventually my parents went to investigate and found it hanging in a storage basket that went as far away from the house as is physically possible moving on to the number seven spot now guys we have sweet child this one came from a reedit user called intrigue who reminds us why some things really should just be for Christmas they said when I was like 7 to 8 my dad gave me a Madame Alexander doll which started my love of beautiful porcelain dolls my mom's boyfriend learned this and got me a cheap porcelain doll for Christmas he had one of those wind-up things on the back and we'll play sweet child of mine I liked it at first until in the middle of the night it would just start playing by itself it moved to the very back of my closet after that and then I left it there where I took my sister's room when she moved out my brother who inherited the old room said he found the doll because he would hear it playing in the middle of the night - next about number 6 now we have waving hello this one came from reedit user newest Squatch it's quite long so I'm going to jump into it right now they said when I was a kid I slept in a room with my older brother while my older sister slept in another room with my youngest brother our rooms were quite small though to create more space we took the doors off the closets and put dresses and stuff in them in my sister's bedroom she had rows of stuffed animals on the top shelf of her closet one of the stuffed animals that was up there was actually a weird-looking bear that was colored red and white with an oversized head and a small body his particular stuffed animal was given to us by our aunt who had a child years earlier that when born had an oversized head due to an excess of water on its brain this poor child died soon after birth and she gave us the stuffed animals that he had I assume she got this particular one for her child because it reminded her of him my siblings thought it was ugly when it was given to us but I thought it was unique and sort of cute the spices sort of being mine it somehow ended up in my sister's room my sister and my youngest brother slept in a bunk bed now she slept on the top bunk while my brother slept on the bottom because my brother was afraid of the dark they slept with the lights on from where they were in their beds they had a clear view of the closet one night my sister suddenly awoke to see the stuffed bear moving one of its arms back and forth which looked like it was waving hello she immediately got freaked out and started trying to wake up my younger brother by calling his name and she was calling his name to wake him up the stuffed bear stopped waving and suddenly it and other stuffed animals started slowly moving their heads from side to side which looked like they were saying no and urging her to not wake him up at this point my brother woke up and saw the stuffed animal shaking their heads they then run out of the room screaming which woke up our whole house and made my dad throw out the stuffed animals that were guilty of freaking them out I don't know if there was a spirit attached to the stuffed bear or the bear was tied to so much emotion and energy and was just a kind of magnet for entities but I was sad to see it go despite the scary story next I'm afraid now we have the static this one comes from reedit user LW 0 1 5 6 they started off their own threat where they asked people to share their haunted doll experiences they went first and said a couple years ago I was looking at haunted dolls on eBay not taking it too seriously I decided to place a bid on one the next day weird things started happening around the house the electrical panel in the basement opened by itself the lights would turn on and off and not just flickering the light in one room would turn off for several minutes and then would turn back on again doors would slam shut my cat kept growling and looking beside me I went to work and taught one of my co-workers about the strange occurrences happening at my place all of a sudden the lamp flickered on and off like crazy and the radio in my room turned on and off and made this loud static noise I have never been so terrified in my life I contacted the owner of the doll and begged her to cancel my bed as soon as I got home from work who knows what would have happened if the doll actually arrived coming in the before now we have inherited this one comes from a reedit user whose story hits all the right themes of old people death and just plain creepy they said you know those cheap plastic dolls you can get at craft stores that you can knit or crotch it elaborate dresses for popular with grannies my mom received one of these dolls with a purple and white dress from an elderly neighbor lady not long before the lady passed away my mom had a blue armchair in her bedroom and had the doll sitting on it she always kept the door open every time I would pass her room the doll would turn its head to look at me my nephew who was not much younger than me experienced the same thing I had nightmares about that doll I just hated it eventually my mom gave it away and I was beyond relieved moving on to number three now we have arms outstretched this one comes from reedit user tequila bat they said when I was growing up my house was always uncomfortable there was something off about it and I had a lot of unexplainable experiences living there as time went on and I got older I started to put away my toys but one stayed until almost the end a Vermont Teddy Bear my mom had given me when I was very small these are expensive bears the average price is around $60 with basic joints of the limbs and the head can swivel I loved it more than any other toy and so I can only explain what happened as my house turning it against me at first it was the feeling of being watched by it however I always had the feeling of being watched in that house and so I ignored it next came the distinct feeling it was in a different position when I came back to it not the other end of the room but maybe it's head was point in a different way or it was on the wrong side of my bed then one night as I was lying in bed the bear was lying next to me flat on his back I heard a noise in the hallway and sat up when I turned around the bear was sitting up next to me with its head turned and its arms outstretched like it was trying to grab me I fell out of bed trying to get some distance between me and the bear the next day I packed up any toy with a face left in my room and put it in the crawlspace but being sentimental I put the bear up on a shelf firmly wedged between books and other keepsakes it never moved again but that didn't stop the house from finding new toys to make us unwelcome in our own home next one number two now we have the Fury swarm now if you remember in the last video we talked about fur bees and in case you've forgotten or you just don't know what a Furby looks like here's the picture for you yeah they look creepy at the best of times but reedit use a deep oh who told a story that makes them even worse they said I had been waiting my whole life for this in elementary school I was invited to sleep over at my friend's Sally's for her birthday there were quite a few girls going we were told everyone was going to sleep in the family room and somehow I scored the couch now Sally loves furies and above the couch was a shelf dedicated to them there was a lot of fur bees in different shapes sizes and colors on that shelf so the party is okay everyone gets ready for bed and I get comfortable on the couch now fast-forward a few hours everyone is dead asleep by myself rum in a nice deep sleep when suddenly the Shelf breaks the wooden part falling behind the couch while the furies rain down on my sleeping form activated by whatever activated Furbies move or sound or whatever they come alive I'm awoken by a horde of fir bees all over me talking and moving and looking at me I eventually recovered from that night but I had nightmares for years and finally number one now we have Noah this came from another Reedit user who deleted their account publish and I'll jump into it anyway they said when I was a little kid I used to sleep with a bed full of soft toys I have my large bears and Noah the awesome polar bear that has never left my side since I got him I fell asleep after a few hours of being trapped in my room but something woke me up after my mom had gone to bed it was very early in the morning 1 to 2 a.m. and I could hear something I stayed very still and listened then I felt it one of my soft toys climbed over me and slid off the side of the bed and onto the floor with a third I tried to catch it moving but it was just standing next to my bed it was a floppy toy bear so it couldn't stand on its own I grabbed it and asked what it was doing it didn't say anything or move I dumped it back on the bed and fell back to sleep after a while I made sure all the dolls and soft toys apart from Noah left my room after that I tried to rationalize it since then I was still pretty young when it happened under 10 but I remember it so clearly I was not dreaming I know I wasn't I had a rabbit but it wasn't her she slept at her hutch outside in the summer and nothing had gotten into the house she also didn't move like I had felt either I don't know what else it could have been this happened before I saw the black hooded thing standing next to my bed one morning but after something had woken me up scratching my leg in the night whatever that was bolted when it realized I was awake it was small I thought it was my dead guinea pig but he was upset with me because he died but now I'm not so sure and what a good line to end on there because I'm not so sure of anything anymore if this topic is popular enough I think I should definitely make a dark version of Toy Story where toys are plotting to take over the world maybe that movie already exists that I'm just ignorant of it let's make it thanks for watching as always guys my name is Danny Burke and I'll see you all in the next one .

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